Tracy Danvers Ltd is a specialist in the manufacture of merino clothing. This includes babies, children's, women's and men's garments ranging from sportwear to fashion and niche garments. 


Merino Fabric



Merino is a unique natural fibre that that feels soft and luxurious next to your skin. It does not cause itchiness and it retains heat when cooler but releases heat when warmer.



The natural elasticity of Merino fibre enables it to stretch to the shape of your body but return to its original shape without becoming permanently distorted.


Non- smelly! Stain Resistant!

Merino has a natural resistance to odours and will not stain. This makes merino garments ideal for sportswear.



Unlike synthetic fibres which are mostly petroleum based, merino is sustainable and biodegradable.


UV Protection

Merino is naturally fire resistant and also offers a high UV protection.


Easy Care

Merino is machine washable and may be tumble dried on low heat. Because of its natural elasticity, it requires less ironing that other fabrics.


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